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I placed my order but didn't get any order eMail?

Our servers are in Montreal, Quebec Canada. The minute you place the order or create your account, it automatically send out an eMail. If you didn't get your order eMail, it is most probably because you have a spam filter set high or you gave us an incorrect eMail address (about 20% of all online shoppers mistakenly type in an incorrect eMail address). Please also check your:

Spam Folder
Junk Folder
Clutter Folder

You can also log into your account and click on "My Orders" to see if your order even exist. If you see your order by logging into your account, but still haven't received our eMail within 5-minutes of placing your order, please reach us ASAP by eMailing Us or by Calling us at 403-764-4590.
Please, mind that only logged in users can submit questions